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Cricket Net & Pole U-Pegs

High quality cricket anchor pegs. Galvanised steel design. Effective solution for securing netting on soft ground.

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Anchor Your Cricket Net To The Ground Safely And Securely!

  • Cricket U-Pegs

    Strong Steel Cricket U-Pegs

    Manufactured from 8mm thick galvanised steel, these highly durable cricket net U-Pegs are guaranteed to last season after season.

  • Cricket U-Pegs

    Guaranteed Safety And Security

    When it comes to soft ground netting equipment, these ground anchor pegs are amongst the best for keeping your cricket netting safely in position. 

  • Cricket U-Pegs

    Flexible Steel U-Pegs

    With a maximum opening of 75mm (3"), these unbelievable cricket U-Pegs can be used to anchor down any piece of freestanding cricket equipment.


  • Galvanised steel.


  • 8mm thick.
  • 10” in length.


  • Pack of 4 U-Pegs.
  • These anchor pegs have a max opening of 72mm.

Cricket Net Anchor Pegs

U-pegs are the most effective method of ensuring netting is secured. The galvanised steel design of these anchors ensures extra strength and durability.
  • 10" Long (8mm Thick Steel) in packs of 4.
  • Galvanised steel for strength and durability.
  • These anchor pegs have a max opening of 3" (72mm).
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