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FORTRESS Club Crown Cricket Balls [Red/White/Pink]

The MCC Regulated Club Crown Cricket Ball is ideal for clubs, schools & leisure centres for training & competitive games. The cow-hide leather & prominent seam allows bowlers to have a strong grip for practicing their spin & seam skills. 4-piece construction for durability. Available in multiple colours/sizes. Packs of 1, 6 or 24.

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Club Crown Cricket Balls – Ideal For Clubs & Schools



  • Ball Diameter (Men’s, Women’s, Junior): 7.1cm, 6.7cm, 6.5cm | 2.8in, 2.6in, 2.5in
  • Ball Circumference (Men’s, Women’s, Junior): 22.4cm, 21cm, 20.5cm | 8.8in, 8.2in, 8in
  • Ball Weight (Men’s, Women’s, Junior): 5 1/2 oz, 5 oz, 4 3/4 oz | 156g, 142g, 133g


  • Grade 3, 3mm alum tanned cow-hide leather
  • 4-piece construction with 60-66 stitches
  • Club grade durable centre cork with a rubber composition
  • Waxed/polish/glossed finish


  • Lifespan of 30-40 overs
  • Available as Men’s, Women’s & Junior sizes
  • Offered in packs of 1, 6 or 24 for all clubs
  • Perfect for schools, local clubs & sports centres for training/competitive games
  • Colours available: Red (day games), Pink (day/night games) & White (short day games)

Essential for schools, sports centres & local clubs, the MCC Regulated cricket ball ensures a quality high performance ball for all-round training sessions & competitive play. The ball construction features grade 3 alum-tanned cow hide leather & a durable club grade core, which is composed of rubber & cork for bowlers to develop their ball spin or seam skills. For ideal every-day use, the cricket balls are a 4-piece hand-stitched construction for enhanced durability at all levels & T20 matches. The leather surface cricket ball is coated with a waxed finish for outdoor & water protection which enhances longevity with less water being absorbed. The practice cricket balls, available as a pack of 1, 6 or 24, provides ball colour option of red, pink or white to improve visibility with Men’s, Women’s & Junior sizes offered for all ages.

  • Outer cased from a thick cow-hide leather for a firm ball feel to develop spin & seam skill
  • Hand-stitched 4-piece construction for a high-quality for training or short games
  • Conforms to MCC Regulations for a professional performing ball – ideal for competitive play
  • Boasts a waxed finish which prevents water being absorbed for increased longevity
  • Available in pack of 1, 6 or 24 for Men’s, Women’s & Junior use which is perfect for all ages

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