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FORTRESS Pop-Up Cricket Batting Net

Perfect for cricket clubs, schools & home use, the FORTRESS portable cricket batting nets are available in 20ft, 40ft, 60ft & 80ft versions. Assemble in minutes thanks to an innovative user-friendly design. 100% weatherproof with long-lasting performance guaranteed. Carry bag included.

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FORTRESS Pop-Up Cricket Batting Cage – Premium Portable Cricket Net

FORTRESS Pop-Up Cricket Batting Net Specifications

Available Packages:

  • 20ft (6m) Batting Cage (Open One End) – 1x 20ft Batting Cage with removable front panel
  • 20ft (6m) Extender Kit – Tunnel style with both ends open (easily attaches to batting cage)
  • 40ft (12m) Batting Cage (Fully Enclosed) – 2x 20ft batting cages secured together
  • 40ft (12m) Batting Cage (Open One End) – 1x 20ft Batting Cage + 1x 20ft Extender Kit
  • 60ft (18m) Batting Cage (Fully Enclosed) – 2x 20ft Batting Cage + 1x 20ft Extender Kit
  • 60ft (18m) Batting Cage (Open One End) – 1x 20ft Batting Cage + 2x 20ft Extender Kit
  • 80ft (24m) Batting Cage (Fully Enclosed) - 2x 20ft Batting Cage + 2x 20ft Extender Kit
  • 80ft (24m) Batting Cage (Open One End) - 1x 20ft Batting Cage + 3x 20ft Extender Kit


  • Batting Cage Width/Height (ALL SIZES): 12ft W x 9ft H | 3.8m W x 2.8m H
  • Front Panel Cut-Out: 12in x 28in | 30cm x 80cm


  • Frame: 12.7mm fibreglass poles (ultra-durable)
  • Cricket Net: 3ply knotless polyester (1in square mesh)
  • Net Banding & Sleeves: 600D PU Oxford Fabric
  • Adjustable Guy Ropes: 5mm polyester
  • Ground Pegs: 4mm premium steel


  • Pop-Up Batting Net can be assembled in just minutes
  • Features innovative elasticated sections to assist with efficient assembly process
  • Batting Cage comes with easy-to-remove front panel
  • EXTENDER KIT: Features a tunnel design (open at both ends)
  • All packages come with a heavy duty carry bag included
  • Front panel features a cut-out section for bowling/pitching machines
  • FORTRESS Pop-Up Cricket Batting Net can also be used for baseball & softball practice
  • PLEASE NOTE: Batting Cage is suitable for grass surfaces/soft ground ONLY
FORTRESS Pop-Up Cricket Batting Net – Ideal For Cricket Clubs & Gardens

The brand-new FORTRESS Pop-Up Cricket Batting Net is a must-have for cricket clubs & garden set-ups. The quick-to-assemble batting cage allows players & coaches to create a professional cricket net session in no time – providing the perfect preparation for being out in the middle on a matchday. Suited to all ages & abilities, the pop-up cricket batting cage is available as a 20ft, 40ft, 60ft or 80ft option, with a 20ft extender kit also available. For a full breakdown of the available package options, please see the specs below. The single cage (20ft) comes with a detachable front panel which features a 12in x 28in cut-out for bowling machines – ideal for solo batting practice.

  • FORTRESS Pop-Up Cricket Batting Net - an excellent addition for cricket clubs & the garden
  • Quick-to-assemble cricket cage features 12.7mm fibreglass poles (highly-durable)
  • Cricket Net crafted using 3ply knotless polyester with 1in mesh (suited to all cricket balls)
  • Cricket Batting Net features 600D PU Oxford Fabric net banding & frame sleeves
  • 20ft (open one end), 40ft (open one end/enclosed), 60ft (open one end/enclosed) or 80ft (open one end/enclosed)
  • Also Available: 20ft extender kit - tunnel style system which allows you to extend by 20ft at a time
  • Adjustable guy ropes & 4mm heavy-duty steel pegs included for excellent stability
  • Lightweight & portable with heavy-duty carry bag included for easy storage

Guaranteeing to be a part of your cricket training set-up for season after season, this cricket batting net has been expertly created using top-quality materials. The poles, which are designed to withstand impacts from all types of cricket ball are made using 12.7mm fibreglass. The cricket netting is crafted from 3ply knotless polyester with a 1in mesh which will absorb heavy impacts from cricket balls & keep them close by. Completing the impressive cricket batting cage is the ultra-durable net banding & frame sleeves, which are manufactured using weatherproof 600D PU Oxford Fabric. For a quick & simple assembly, the batting cage features elasticated sections which allows the structure to take shape almost immediately once up.

PLEASE NOTE: The FORTRESS Pop-Up Cricket Batting Net is available in four size options; 20ft, 40ft, 60ft & 80ft. The 40ft, 60ft & 80ft options come in a choice of open ended or fully enclosed. Alternatively you can select the 20ft Extender Kit, which is a tunnel style system designed to allow users the lengthen their cage by 20ft at a time.

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