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FORTRESS Original Wicket Keeper Gloves

The FORTRESS Wicket Keeper Gloves are the perfect addition to your cricket protective gear. Available in 2 sizes to suit all players. The impressive wicket gloves offer incredible shock absorption upon impact of catching the ball. Designed for comfort, flexibility & protection.

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FORTRESS Wicket Keeper Gloves Specifications


  • Youth Size (tip of middle finger to beginning of wrist): 21cm (8.3in)
  • Adult Size (tip of middle finger to beginning of wrist): 23cm (9.1in)
  • Additional Wrist Covering: Between 7cm – 10cm (2.8in – 3.9in)


  • Premium rubber caps lined with comfort foam at the ends of each finger
  • Outer PU leather ensures the glove is durable and comfortable
  • Glove features traditional FORTRESS design and premium grade stitching
  • Palm of glove is made from octopus rubber grip
  • Fitted with traditional webbing that connects the thumb to the index finger
  • Extra high density foam padding added to cuffs to help offer more protection
  • Fully cotton lined on the inside of the glove for added comfort and excellent breathability


  • Gloves are fully compliant with the laws set by the MCC regarding wicket keeper gloves
  • Main focuses of the design are for comfort, flexibility and durability
  • Cuffs have a rounded finish, allowing wicket keepers to remove the glove quickly and easily
  • Ergonomic cupped design gives wicketkeepers confidence they can take any catch

The FORTRESS Wicket Keeper Gloves offer unrivalled shock absorption upon impact of catching the cricket ball, making them essential for all wicket keepers. Designed with an octopus rubber grip palm, the wicket keeper gloves will ensure that the ball firmly remains in your hand. The gloves are fitted with the traditional webbing which connects the index finger & thumb, this feature further enhances the grip allowing you to keep hold of the ball even if you’re jumping for the catch. The fingers benefit from rubber caps lined with foam to help protect fingers & thumb when receiving impact from the faced past ball.

  • FORTRESS Wicket Keeper Gloves available in youth & adult sizes to suit all players
  • Designed & constructed with comfort, flexibility & durability in mind
  • Gloves are easy to clean & wipe down after games to aid in their long-lasting use
  • The tips benefit from rubber caps lined with foam to help protect fingers & thumbs
  • Octopus rubber grip helps prevent dropping the ball – Indispensable in wicker keeper gloves

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