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Heavy Duty Boot Scraper & Wiper [Single/Double/Triple]

The most effective way of keeping your facilities clean from mud, dirt and clay. Weatherproofed 1.5mm steel frame finished with a sleek black powder coating. Features hard bristle brushes and a built-in scraping unit. Comes in single, double or triple size.

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Boot Cleaning Wiper Brush With Built-In Scraper


  • Height: 3.2ft | 1m
  • Single boot wiper: 2ft | 0.6m | 60cm
  • Double boot wiper: 4ft | 1.2m | 120cm
  • Triple boot wiper: 4.9ft | 1.5m | 150cm


  • Frame: 50mm OD steel finished with a black powder coating
  • Brushes: Stiff bristles


  • Optional replacement brush sets available in the drop down menu above
  • Built in boot scraper
  • Suitable for sports ground, golf clubhouse, home, farm, agricultural, industrial, warehouse, school, college use and will clean any type of footwear
  • Use of the arm supports is optional, they can be removed for freestanding use or added for additional stability and support

Keep your Pavilion and Shoes Clean With This Heavy-Duty Shoe Cleaner

Ensure shoes and your pavilion stay clean by installing this heavy-duty outdoor shoe cleaner. This shoe scraper & wiper features integrated hard bristle brushes that efficiently and effectively remove dirt, mud and clay. This shoe cleaning unit also features an in-built scraper that is exceptional at removing any excess dirt. Manufactured from highly durable materials, this boot wiper is built to last.

  • All steel work of the footwear wiping unit is finished with a weatherproof black powder coating
  • Frame is made from 1.5mm thick steel
  • 3.2ft tall ultra-durable boot brush station
  • Built-in heavy-duty sports shoe scraper removes any excess mud, sand and turf
  • Boot cleaning brushes are manufactured with stiff bristles to remove dirt faster
  • Comes in single, double or triple size

Built with durability in mind, this ultra-heavy-duty boot scraper features 1.5mm thick steel that has been finished with a sleek black powder coating and ensures the frame is weatherproof. This strong shoe and boot cleaner will not bend or break under the weight of senior players, ensuring the shoe cleaning system is suitable for everyone.

Reaching a height of 3.2ft, this sports shoe cleaner reduces the risk of injury by providing a support bar for users to hold onto when cleaning. This essential piece of ground equipment will help maintain your clubhouse or pavilion and will ensure cleaner shoes for you and your team. Suitable for both amateur and professional teams, this boot wiper and scraper will ensure you venue stays cleaner for longer.

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