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Replacement Boot Wiper Brushes Sets

Hard bristled replacement brushes available in sets which are compatible with the Net World Sports boot wiper range. Adequate quantities of 600m and 300mm brushes included as well as 150mm brush ends for each boot cleaning system.

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Boot Wiper Brush Set Guide - How Many Brushes Do I Need For My Boot Cleaner System?

Triple Boot Wiper Contents

  • x2 600mm Brushes
  • x1 300mm Brush
  • x2 150mm Brush End

Double Boot Wiper Contents

  • X2 600mm Brush
  • X2 150mm Brush End

Single Boot Wiper Contents

  • X1 600mm Brush
  • X2 150mm Brush Ends

Compact Boot Scraper and Wiper Contents

  • X4 300mm Brush
  • No End Brushes


  • Each boot wiper features hard bristles for comprehensive cleaning
  • Quick and easy to install to your existing boot wiper set-up
  • Strong and steady wooden bases
Spare Cleat And Boot Scraper Wiper Brushes Compatible With Net World Sports Boot Wipers

These replacement brushes for boot wipers have been expertly manufactured to be used with the premium quality Net World Sports sport and industrial boot wiper range. The densely bristled boot cleaner substitutes are an ideal choice for providing comprehensive cleaning to a team’s well used boots. Manufactured with rough and dense bristles for exceptional and concentrated dirt removal, the replacement boot wiper brush sets will successfully allow indoor environments to be well preserved from the effects of general dirt and debris. Due to the robust nature of each individual bristle, these replacement brushes benefit from an extended life span for prolonged and effective cleaning power.

  • Full replacement brush sets featuring adequate quantities for the Net World Sports Triple, Double, Single and Compact Boot Wipers
  • Sets comprise of the correct amount of 600mm/300mm brushes and 150mm brush ends. Please consult our table below for full details
  • Robust wooden bases that provide a stable and firm cleaning base, ensuring steadiness when vigorously cleaning
  • Exceedingly simple and straightforward to install replacements for existing boot cleaning set ups
  • Each replacement brush features hard-wearing bristles for effective dirt removal

Each boot brush set has been compiled to ensure that the exact quantity required for each Net World Sports boot cleaning wiper is included. Comprising of 600mm brushes, 300mm brushes and 150mm brush ends, the substitute boot wiper brush solutions ensure that your shoe cleaning system operates at full capacity at all times. Details on exact quantities of each set can be found below.

Available with multiple brush components for each Boot Wiper, these sets will rigorously clean muddy boots. While regular maintenance on ground equipment is an inevitable part of a unit’s upkeep, the solid build quality of these replacement wipers ensure that they will remain in pristine condition for longer.

Boot Wiper Brush Set Boot Wiper Width Replacement Brushes Included Compact Boot Scraper & Wiper   1ft | 30.5cm x4 300mm Brush No End Brushes  Heavy Duty Standard Boot Scraper & Wiper [Single]   2ft | 61cm x1 600mm Brush x2 150mm Brush Ends Heavy Duty Standard Boot Scraper & Wiper [Double]   4ft | 122cm x2 600mm Brush x2 150mm Brush End  Heavy Duty Standard Boot Scraper & Wiper [Triple]   5ft | 152cm x2 600mm Brushes x1 300mm Brush x2 150mm Brush End

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